Saturday, February 4, 2012

Falling Hard- 100 Love Poems by Teenagers

Pages: 144
Publisher: Candlewick Press
Published: December 9th 2010
Age Group: 14-18 (Young Adult)
Book Source: Library (must acquire!)

      From an acclaimed anthologist comes this unforgettable collection
of one hundred poems by teenagers, capturing the vertigo-inducing realm of romantic love.

"But what I'll really mean is
are you ready to dive in?
This is not falling,
this is landing."

— From "Gift" by Portia Carryer, age 16

     The poets are straight, gay, lesbian, bi, or transgender. They live next door or across an ocean; they are innocent or experienced; their lyric explorations range from new love to stale love, obsession to ennui, ecstasy to heartbreak, and every nuance in between. Whether the romantic escapades described are touching, comical, or tragic, whether the feelings expressed are tender and sweet or brutal and biting, readers will find the love these young poets openly share to be exquisitely, excruciatingly, endlessly fascinating. Here is a collection to turn to again and again, because life and love keep on changing.


     This anthology has been on my to read list for way to long- and to think I put it off for that long. I usually do not read a lot of poetry- I mainly write. But when a great anthology like this is out there- it makes me want to read more.

     These poems weren't just "love poems". They were poems of lust, hate, horomones, break-ups, make-ups, hook-ups, and just-a-friend-maybe-more's.  I'm sure everyone knows how at least one of those things is. All of these poems are raw and emotional- and at times funny.

     I love and hate reading poetry at times- because you cannot analyze the authors because in anthology's there is so many different authors and it is pretty unfair to pick apart an author and overanalyze a poem/author-craft over just one poem. I hate picking apart poems and asking like "what did the author mean when he said the snow fell to the ground- was he talking about letting his problems go- or blanket him in fears..." yada, yada, yada. I mean seriously- can't an author mean what they want to mean rather than have some underneath meaning. I realize some poems are just big metaphors but poems CAN be about snow literally falling to the ground. Gosh- guys; we all aren't William Shakespeare.

     This anthology is great to flip through on one of those nights where you aren't in the mood to read a book-book (tragic, I know). If you are a poetry reader, definitley worth picking up and reading. Several of the poems I enjoyed enough to pin on my wall so I could read them everyday.


I mentioned earlier I like to write poetry so here are some links to read some of my writing. I am considering combining this blog with writing to make it a multipurpose blog- what do you guys think? Leave your comments in the comment box.

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  1. Aw this looks great! Good luck with the poetry!