Review Policy

It is rumored that if you are a book blogger and well known enough, many different publishers may send you ARC's (Advanced Reader Copies). ARC's are books before publish ready are sent out to be reviewed and such by bloggers such as myself; before that book is sold to the public. If you are a publisher or editor who are pondering sending any ARC's to this book blog to be featured. Please do so and contact myself through the 'Contact Me' page.

Every review/summary I write will be 100% original unless otherwise stated. Every Review will have cover art, author, page numbers, age group, rating, release date, and any other need-to-know information. I do not approve of fellow bloggers stealing my work. If you would like to share please credit me under "Jade @ Once Upon A Wanderer". The content of my reviews will have discretion and be appropriate. All of my opinions of the books I read have no guarantee. I may love it or loathe it but that is my opinion. If you would like to share your opinion please leave a comment on that specific review. See Comment Polices.

The content of the books that I review will books meant for ages 12-18. Also known as YA (Young Adult) books. I may also review Middle Grade books as well; these are meant for ages 12-14.

Another feature of reviews is if I have reviewed a certain author- I am open to interviewing them about themselves. If you would like to contact me see the Contact Me page.

If you request a review of a certain book it will take a maximum of two weeks to read and review. All book requests I receive will be at the top of my list to read, if you would like to request a review check out the Contact Me page. If you send myself a book to read and review the same rule applies.

I will not read books out of order- If they are a sequel to a series please send the others before it as well.

The kind of books I would like to read are bound books- not e-reads considering I do not own an e-reader.


I accept reading self published books. If I do not respond to your request please assume I am not interested.

Privacy Policy
Please do so and respect your own privacy and others. Privacy is very important. For all giveaway contests please remember your address and personal information will only be used for you to receive your prize. Please do not give out any personal information such as- address phone number, email, ect. As to which will be promptly deleted.

Comment Policy
Please keep your comments 'PG' and appropriate on subject matter. Those revealing personal information will be promptly deleted. Please keep the topics on books and such- after all that IS what this blog is about!

Giveaway Contest Policy
All giveaway winners will be chosen randomly using Rafflecopter. Only one entry per contest unless specified otherwise. If you are not comfortable giving information please do not participate. Every winner will be given 72 hours to respond to winning. If winner does not comply within the time limit I will choose another winner.