Sunday, February 12, 2012


Author: Aprilynne Pike
Pages: 294
Publisher: Harper Teen
Published: May 1st 2009
Age Group: Young Adult  (12-18)
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Challenge(s): To Be Read Challenge (2012)

     Laurel Sewell is off to Big Bad high school for the first time. All her life she has been a strange girl. Beautiful, mesmerizing even. She hasn't been through the abnormalities of puberty- such as zits and normal teenage stuff. She doesn't even remember the last time she went to a real doctor.
     Soon she meets David at her new school.  They are fast to become friends and bond almost instantly.
One morning Laurel wakes up to find a bump on her back. The first "normal" sign of puberty she has ever had.
      But days after it grows abnormally large and out sprouts abnormal feather like wings. Before Laurel knows it she is catapulted into a faerie world she unknowingly knew of all her life. She must discover her own strange secrets before they control her life.

     I picked up this novel thinking it would be your normal faerie/seelie-court/junk that I expect from all of the newer "Faerie" tales. I jumped into this book and found the beginning rather boring and dreary. It was a sorta- insta-lovey theme thing.

     I loved the uniqueness this book offered throughout- the writing truly intrigued me. Although the plot was contradictory and rather odd I just devoured the writing. It was definitely different. I can't even pin-point what kept me reading. The "Plant" thing was great. I would never have thought about that sort of thing. I don't quite understand how that made them magical faeries but still- it was a cool idea.

     I wish this author could have had JUST Faeries. But no- they have to bring it to that whole new level of complexity with trolls and crap. That was rather annoying... a ton of things was left unexplained and easily confusable. I mean why can faeries just be enough?! You don't have to include EVERY MYTHICAL/FANTASTICAL creature for people to enjoy your book. Sometimes just randomly throwing all those creatures in with your plot actually takes away from the plot. Then it just gets ridiculous.

     This book had such an abrupt ending too!! It was short and of course there is a sequel (Spells), And of  COURSE I have to read it. All these freaking cliffhangers are giving me heart attacks. Standalone novels- c'mon people; seriously. Aside from all the bad stuff- I loved the writing. If you are to read this; read it for the writing, not the content/concept.


  1. Very informative review, I can't say I'll be reading that anytime soon! I reviewed a very well written book that had a faerie connection if you are looking for a better novel with faerie content(I left a link to it below my name). I also have to say I really like your blog's layout; very nice!


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  2. I just so love the design of your blog! :D
    And your review is very full with the need to know about the book.

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