Friday, October 21, 2011

Gone by Michael Grant


Author: Michael Grant 
Pages: 558
Publisher: HarperTeen
Release: July 1st 2008
Book Source: Library
Age Group: Young Adult (12-18) 

In the book Gone by Michael Grant, out of nowhere every single person over the age of 14 in the area of Perdido Beach, California and Coates Academy simultaneously disappears. And along with that, an electric diaphanous barrier has materialized out of nowhere, centered completely around the local Perdido Beach power plant. With no adults, no one to control and discipline everyone; almost instantaneously chaos erupts. Numerous kids are stealing from grocery stores and devouring all the junk food they can encounter. The main character Sam Temple and his friends Astrid, Quinn, and Edilio are apt to find out what’s going on and what they can do to help. Eight months prior to this whole disaster Sam started developing mysterious powers which include brilliant laser light shooting from his hands and incinerating things when angry or high on adrenaline. After this catastrophe he has learned, much to his dismay, that he is not the only one with quickly improving, ultimately impossible powers.
Naturally when all leaders disappear, new leaders must step forward. And that's when all of the town bullies venture out to come take a stab at attempting to take over the small Perdido Beach. But in a bully eat bully world there is always a bigger bully; and the bigger bully is Coates Academy. Coates Academy is fully charged with many altered kids with many diverse, destructive powers. These Coates kids are armed and ready to take over and assume the position of the main leaders of this new unexplained world; and they are more than willing to fight for their position on top.
Many of the town kids want Sam to step to be the leader of this new, desolate way of living, and he does just that. Having this enigmatic barrier appear and everyone over the age of 14 disappearing are not the only problems Sam has. Sam’s 15th birthday is quickly approaching and ever since this barrier has manifested, every kid who has turned 15 within the barrier’s clutches has blinked out just like all the adults have. With Sam's birthday rapidly advancing, Sam is becoming more and more conscious that his time allocated in this anomalous community might very soon be over. But the real mystery is can Sam truly be the leader to all the kids to help survive this chaotic mess of what has become Perdido Beach.

 When I read this book I had many thoughts about it; My first thought of it was "Wow this is amazing" but than my thoughts started going in the other direction. The writing isn't terrible but it isn't fantastic. The plot is well  thought out; but my only problem with it is that it is extremely predictable. 

I think this whole series could have been summarized in two maybe three books but not six  excruciatingly long books (500-600 pages). My only problem is the fact that it gets old after the second or third book. If you were one to enjoy every installment of The House of Night- then this book is for you. But do not expect it to be the new 'Harry Potter' size wise. It was okay.

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