Sunday, October 30, 2011

Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen

Author: Sarah Dessen
Pages: 383
Publisher: Viking Juvenile
Release:  June 11th 2009
Book Source: Acquired from School Scholastic Book fair
Age Group: 

      Auden West.  Named for the obscure poet W.H Auden. Her parents are literary artists. Also referred to perfectionists. Auden has always had to focus on academics, college and her future. But ever since their divorce she has been incapable of sleeping at night. This habit formed ever since her parents started fighting, she would sneak out to a local 24 hour diner study and drink coffee all night.
     Now it is the summer before college, Auden realizes she never had a childhood nor adventure. So she chooses on an impulse to move to a small beach town with her dad, her new stepmother and they're newborn baby. Its an adventure, that is for sure.
     She realizes that it is far more difficult making friends, having fun and fitting into the small town than she assumed. But soon she meets Eli. He is dark, mysterious and just as sleepless as she is. That is when they're quest begins, the quest for regaining on childhood, the quest for clumsy love and discovery. Its never to late to be a kid.

 This is my second of Sarah Dessen's novels that I have read and I read it one night. It would be classified as realistic fiction but this book is wonderful! I enjoyed the easy going predictability in the world she creates.

If you have read The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen and I noticed that she intertwined the character a bit. Reading these novels I see lots of similarities in character traits. Out of her two books I have read they have female perspectives. They are both headstrong, independent and incredibly predictable.

Predictable isn't necessarily Bad... but if you like to read book that have you "hangingontheedgeofyourseatbouncingupanddownanticipatingtherestofthebook"... this is not the book for you!

This is the kind of book that would be nice to curl up in a blanket on a snowy day and drink hot cocoa. A definitely calming read.

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