Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Matched by Ally Condie

    Author: Ally Condie
    Pages: 366
    Publisher: Dutton Juvenile
    Release: November 30th 2010
    Book Source: Bought
    Age Group: Young Adult (12-18)

      In a futuristic world where freedom is non-existent, the Government known as the  Society controls every variable in the Citizens everyday lives. Cassia Reyes has listened all her life to the Society. Why? Because no one questions the decisions the city officials make.
     Its Cassia's 17th birthday and it is time for her to finally be Matched. The process that everyone goes through- the Society determines your partner based on age, health and compatibly. Cassia Reyes gets Matched wither her best friend since childhood; Xander. This is an uncommon occurrence among this Society. When Matched at the Match banquet you receive a card with the information about your one and only new Match.
     After the banquet when Cassia attempts to view Xander on the card her match, his face isn't the only one she sees. She sees another face; another childhood friend. Ky. Ky the dark mysterious loner; whose father is an Anomaly. An anomaly is an outcast in this futuristic world- an anomaly has committed an unforgivable crime. That crime labels them as an Anomaly for the rest of the life. Now Cassia has a choice. Xander, safe and reliable. Ky, dark and alluring. She has a choice that no one has ever had. Can will her heart choose safe Xander or surrender to the magnetic pull of Ky?

I really enjoyed this novel because the creativity, and how Ally Condie created such an unfamiliar believable world. She crafted the most bittersweet love triangle that left your readers guessing. 

Cassia was a relate-able yet capable character. It made me feel so frustrated about how trapped she was, in this choice-less place. The writing had extremely descriptive scenes that created a film in my mind and helped me try to embrace this new kind of world. 

That is the good stuff. You see I thought the writing was okay but not directly aimed for YA readers it felt more, per say... Middle Grade. The farther I got into the book the more I was dragging my feet. And creating excuses not to read it. 

Although the characters were well thought out, the plot amazing- the only problem was the writing was mediocre. I just wasn't thrilled with it. 

If you read Mocking Jay by Suzanne Collins (The Hunger Games #3) - I felt the same way about that conclusion to the trilogy, I just wasn't ecstatic about the writing. But it might just be me! I am very picky about my books- the writing and topics. You may pick it up and just love it- so it is definitely worth a try.

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