Wednesday, November 2, 2011

An Abundance of Katherines by John Green

 Author: John Green
 Pages: 277
 Publisher: Dutton Juvenile
 Release: September 21st 2006
 Book Source: Library
Age Group: Young Adult (12-18)

Colin Singleton is a child prodigy. All he remembers ever doing is reading, memorizing facts and learning at his own intent. Being a self-declared nerd, his social life is rather dire. But he is okay with that. But he is no genius; he is only a prodigy. There is just one thing he just cannot figure out- love. Love and relationships.
Colin has had many relationships in his life. All of which the girls involved are Katherines. Blonde, Brunette, Ginger; it didn’t matter to Colin. He wasn’t searching for Katherine’s he was searching for relationships. He found them, with 19 Katherine’s.        
After recently suffering a bitter breakup with the 19th Katherine Colin’s best friend Arab Hassan decides the only cure for Colin’s break-up blues is a road trip.  Colin and Hassan hop on the endless road to destinations unknown, adventures unseen and friendships to be made.

This book was rather intriguing with the footnotes and flipped perspective. I hardly ever read books as insanely smart as Colin was.  Although for all of the math-y parts of the book I just skimmed and scanned. I just couldn't bring myself to go any deeper than that. After all- math is meant for school- NOT books. Or for me anyway.

John Greene did rather well crafting a genius’s perspective, although I found it rather dry at times with all of the facts. And by dry I mean boring. Coming back to the math and such- I am not a math-y person in case you hadn't realized.

The writing was well written but there was not much excitement. The plot was very realistic without much conflict or paranormal jazz. 

An Abundance of Katherines was extremely realistic. I enjoyed a lot of the realistic witty humor incorporated throughout the novel. If you enjoyed Paper Towns by John Green you will enjoy this book.

I have only read Paper Towns and this novel and I found that I really do not enjoy John Green's writing. I am not sure what it was I disliked so much- maybe it was the fact there we no monsters. Or Werewolves. Or Vampires. Sigh

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