Monday, November 7, 2011

Flawless by Lara Chapman

 Author: Lara Chapman
  Pages: 255
  Publisher: Bloomsbury
  Release: May 10th 2011
  Book Source: Library 
  Age Group: Young Adult (12-18)

      Sarah Burke. She's best friend with Kristen Gallagher; the queen bee of the school. They've known each other since the kinder years and Sarah's always known her place. Kristen is always better than her; Why? Because of her nose. Her huge monster of a nose. The nose that has locked her doors from everything unplanned, unexpected and exciting. But that all changes when she discovers Rock.
     Rock Conway. He is the guy of her dreams; smart, funny and extremely handsome. Sarah knows deep down that she loves Rock and there is nothing she can do about it. Why? Because Kristen wants Rock; and Kristen always gets what she wants.
       Considering the fact that Rock is a literacy buff and Kristen doesn't have any idea who wrote Romeo and Juliet she's in quite a dilemma. So she begs for Sarah to impersonate her online and smarten up some of her ditzy words.
     Sarah know that there is no way Rock could ever love her and her Mt Everest of a nose, but what Kristen's asking for... is a LOT. Sarah doesn't know if she can be loyal to her friend, when they are both having major crushes on the same person.

I thought this novel was a well written- yet predictable teenage romance.  Best friends both fall in love with the new guy- the prettiest one snags him and the other lives in shame. Yada, yada, yada. 

This novel sums up the way every teenage girl has felt about a guy and how they made up this fantasy for him to sweep them off their feet.  The main character Sarah was very gullible, capable person. She had a great loyalty to her friend not to expose her own feelings even though she lusted after new yummy guy rock. 

I thought the book was rather cute but was... repetitive and the main character puts herself down so much you just want to scream... GET OVER IT. IT IS YOUR PERSONALITY THAT COUNTS; NOT YOUR NOSE. Ugh. Loyal girls are always so self conscious. This chica's best friend may be popular but like that matter this lady has the BRI-AIINS. Brains are success. Dumb people are a mess. I mean c'mon, this girl could have given herself some credit and sent a positive message to young women that you don't have to be perfect to be loved; or at least she doesn't say that for a while.

Lara Chapman did a decent job writing the ideal, realistic teeny-bopper, puppy love novel.  I really enjoyed her writing but the plot was week. More middle grade- and in the end it did send a positive message to women- hopefully it was received! No girl should suppress her TRUE feelings for someone else. She should at least communicate. 

I guess the reason this book annoyed me so much because I have been in the same situation and I did the same thing! I felt like it was mocking me and only me. But I enjoyed the ending of this book. Unfortunately our endings were far from the same. At least maybe it will teach girls like me to go after what we want and take it... because we can!

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