Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sadness, School, and Blogging. (Update!!!)

First of all- the sadness, I have neglected my blog and apologize for that- but this week, weekend and next week are jam packed-And I have no free time- I am so sad for that- because I love blogging- and have read like nine reviewable titles so far this year- so I feel like I am behind in everything. And the (S) word. Do not even mention that to me!!! School- I am so behind and we got a million projects just dumped on us all due the same week  ( January 23-26th) then I have a basketball tournament, solo and small ensemble for violin and LOTS of jazz band work because I stink at improvising and humiliate myself all the time. I have also had a lot of trouble sleeping- so when  I get done with everything I just lie in bed- so I promise after these next  two weeks or so I will back at it and throw millions of reviews your way. Don't be surprised but I have read a BUNCH in the past week and have major review catch up to do-  
Also, I am considering hosting a scary story/horror giveaway hop. So if any other bloggers interested in CO- hosting- let me know, I have a bunch of books I would love to giveaway.

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