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Feature Friday with Sadiya @ Random and Booky!

Feature Friday is a meme created by Sadiya over at Random and Booky- this commences where every week she chooses to interview a fellow blogger and feature them- she chose to feature me this week- so check out her blog and our interview- Sadiya is a wonderful chica and I am so grateful to have met her. She is an American Muslim and- definitly not a terrorist (for your information)-she provided me lots of information about her religion that I found extremely fascinating! She helped me understand the religion doesn't define a person- and her purpose is amazing. She blogs all about Young Adult fiction and participates in many weekly meme's.  I put her blog together myself- I made the header and such- If you are intrested in me doing that to your blog- Contact me through my 'Contact me' page.
So check out her blog:
Our interview- My questions are bold- her answers are italicized
What is your favorite book you have read in the past three months?
Smart you asked for the last 3 months and not all time, 'cause then I would never be able to choose! LoL. Uh I'm going to go with The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan. Gotta love Percy Jackson, right?
Do you own a kindle- what are your thoughts and opinions? If not Have you ever received any ARC's in your mailbox or on Net Galley?
No for all of those. But my thoughts on the kindle? It's an ok gadget. Though not for me. I like having a physical copy of the book. It's just something about having the real thing that makes it seem better. LoL.
What book are you pining for the most or the book on top of your to-read list?
Hmmmm. Well that always depends on what I have available at the library or in my shelf. Right now I have to finish 4 books so I can return them. But a book that's not in my shelf and one I really, really want to get is The Outcasts by John Flanagan. He's the author of the Ranger's Apprentice series and this is another series he's started, so obviously I must read it! LoL.

Do you ever write anything?
Uh. Writing. Well it's not a passion of mine, but I've been told I'm good at it, so I'm trying to write more. The only short story I wrote were in elementary school and one for a school contest. I put it on a website for computer class. If you want to check it it’s not very good but my writing since then has improved, I just don’t like writing.
What is your favorite part of reading a book?
Oh that's so easy! I love being able to escape the world and just sort jump into the book. Kinda like forget everything around me. Trust me I'm very good at that. Not to mention it's a good excuse for when I don't hear my parents calling me. LoL ^^
What book have you had for a while and not read?
Hmm yeah a few. I think the one I've had for the longest time is Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. I bought it in 2010, 8th grade book fair and it's been collecting dust ever since.
What do you like to do when reading? Ex: music, eating, etc
Hmm. I like to listen to music while I read. Most of the time I lay on my bed to read, sometimes I'll text my best friend, Cora.
What do you like to do other than reading and blogging?
Hmm. Well reading is basically my life. Other than that I like to text, eat, hang out with friends, watch movies, play online/search the most random things on Google. In the spring/summer I play badminton out in our yard.
Who would be your best fictional character best friend(s)?
D.J. From the Dairy Queen trilogy no doubt! Just the way she thinks is a lot like mine, though I'm more confident. Her sarcasm is great too. LoL.
When and why did you begin book blogging?
I started blogging back in July. I started it mainly because it seemed fun and cool. Another reason was that online there were a whole bunch of rude and stereo type comments about Muslims and I wanted to prove them wrong and this was my small way of doing it. I was kinda trying to say: 'Hey I'm a teenage Muslim. You don't see me blowing up buildings!" After a while I realized it doesn't matter because what those people ((who were adults)) were saying to me was just bullying and it got me thinking that it didn't matter what they think because they are bullies. ((I tried to say that not all Muslims are bad and they insulted me)) And I was curious to what they teach they're kids. Now when someone says that, I'll just say once it's not true. If they don't believe me I just think of them as immature idiots. LoL.
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That was my very first Feature Friday- check out her interview with me on her blog- 

Thank you all for reading- If you would like to participate in a Feature Friday with Sadiya- just contact her through her blog.

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