Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday 1- Top Ten Books I Want to Give As Gifts

A big thank you to the girls@ The Broke and Bookish! They created this weekly Meme that I am just getting started in! 
This weeks Top Ten is: What are the top ten books you want to give as gifts and to who?

1.  Inheritance by Christopher Paolini
 I would love to give this book to my dear friend Anqi* over @ A Splatter of Ink- the reason for this is because she hasn't read this beautiful 860 page book that I love so much. I own it- but I never lend out my hard copies- Sorry Anqi.

*Pronounced AN-key

2.  The Night Circus
I would love to give my grandma this novel because it it has been on her to read list for quite a while- i probably will soon

3. Anna and the French Kiss by Steohanie Perkins
This would definitely be book I would send over the way to Laura Trewern my British buddy.

4. Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare
I would give this to Jada @ A Splatter of Ink because she loves The Mortal Instruments series also The Infernal Devices series. 

5.  Perfect by Ellen Hopkins
This book would definitely be book I would give to dearest Gracie- we all love Hopkins perfectly imperfect poems.

5.2 Hunger Games
For my Twi-Obsessed aunt- she needs a new hobby.

You see I do not have many ideas of books to give to my friends- because some of them do not read much- nor my family... so here are the books on the top of MY wish list that I WANT as gifts- hint hint.

6. Unearthly 
Because I have heard amazing things about this book- and need to check out the action myself. Since our local Borders shut down B&N never has this one in stock- and when I order it- it never comes. It is quite alarming. 

7. Twisted by Laurie Halse Anderson
All of Anderson's books are 100% moving and satistfying after reading that this is a must have for MY holiday.

8. The Forest of Hands and Teeth
Somehow on my trips to the bookstore I always forget this book... hmm. 

9. The Gathering (Darkness Rising Book 1)
MUST HAVE. The darkest powers series made me LOVE reading a few years ago- Kelly Armstrong rocks, man. 

10. The Summer I Turned Pretty
New Sarah Dessen?

10.2. Revelations (Blue Bloods #3)
I love this series but got way behind

10.4.  Lola and the Boy Next Door
Sigh. Anna. Sigh.

10.6. Shatter Me
Ugh. How I survive I do not have the slightest Idea.

10.8. Strange Fate L.J Smith
I can never seem to find this.

What is your TTT this week? 

Post your link in the comments area and I will check yours out-
If you don't have a blog just post below 
Thanks fellow book wanderers!

Happy Reading!

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